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Jockey Grandprix

Jockey Grandprix Jockey Grandprix

Horse racing betting game. The player watches the horses walking before his eyes and bets on one (or several) animal(s) of his choice (horse's walk gives a good clue about his ability to win the race). Once the choice is made valid, the race starts and it's time to stress! The race is well-done and you actually believe you're at the hippodrome! There's of course a slo-mo replay of the arrival and the game can be played by one or two players at a time. Pay attention, the fact this game rewards the player when he wins his bet restricts it to some locations. The others can not place the repay mecanism, the game will work without, but no doubt that betting money for nothing won't please the players. So if you can't give away money, this game isn't very interesting, this said, Jockey Grandprix is good-looking, very well-done and very entertaining!

* General information:
Title: Jockey Grandprix
Genre: Horse racing betting
Developer: BrezzaSoft
Manufacturer: Sun Amusement
Release date: 2001
System: Neo-Geo MVS
Format: MVS cartridge
Number of players: up to 2 players

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