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For some years many arcade games support IC or magnetic card usage to save your progress. The advantage when compared to the PIN code system also used is of course that you can continue your game on another machine than the one you started it on. Here are some of those cards...
Note: Pictures below depict blank cards, game printed data as well as serial and identification numbers were erased.

beatmania IIDXbeatmania IIDX

* beatmania IIDX - 2010 Konami (From: Konami Style - Tokyo jp)
This card is supported by beatmania IIDX 16 Empress and newer episodes. Being an e-Amusement Pass card, it can be used with other Konami games. This "Premium Membership" version is offered to buyers of a bundle including the "beatmania IIDX Visual Emotions - Super Best Box" DVD box (which includes animations from beatmania IIDX games until 18 Resort Anthem) and the "DJ HICO meets beatmania IIDX" mixed CD.

Club Kart - European SessionClub Kart - European Session

* Club Kart - European Session - 2002 Sega (From: AGS - Cambridge uk)
This magnetic card keeps customization parameters of the kart (frame and body colours) and of the driver (name, helmet and suit). It also allows the player to enter Championship races (without card, access is restricted to "Practice" and "Linked battle" modes). By winning championship races, the player advances to higher classes (Novice, B, A, S). Kart performances gets higher with each class thanks to sponsor support. Sponsors are real brands within the karting world, their support can be seen as stickers appearing on the kart. All these data (including best times for each track) are of course saved on the card.

Derby Owners Club World Edition EXDerby Owners Club World Edition EX

* Derby Owners Club World Edition EX - 2006 Sega (From: Funland (CLOSED) - London uk)

DVS Quest of D The Battle KingdomDVS Quest of D The Battle KingdomDVS Quest of D The Battle KingdomDVS Quest of D The Battle Kingdom

* DVS Quest of D The Battle Kingdom - 2007 Sega (From: Sega Amusement Dept 2 - Nara jp)
DVS is the fourth version of Quest of D. A role playing game played with cards, this can represent weapons, potions and other bonuses. Click here to see the game in action.

e-Amusement Passe-Amusement Pass

* e-Amusement Pass - 2006 Konami (From: Taito Hey - Tokyo jp)
This card is supported by all the latest Konami titles as long as they're connected to the net. From beatmania IIDX 16 to GTI Club 3 and Winning Eleven Arcade Championship 2008. The card keeps your score and allows you to enter the online ranking. Depending on the game, it can also be used to continue your game from where you left it (Silent Hill), build and join teams for Team Battle mode (DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA 2) or access special game modes and win items (GuitarFreaksV5). Until 2008, only Japanese machines featured card readers. The first European titles to offer e-Amusement support are DrumManiaV4 and GuitarFreaksV4. On the other hand, the European version of Silent Hill - The Arcade lacks this feature.

Ghost SquadGhost Squad

* Ghost Squad - 2004 Sega (From: Jeux Américains be)
This is the international version of the card which exists in only one unique model while on the japanese edition, the agent picture is not the same on all cards. The Ghost Squad IC card keeps your character's experience points which increases after each game. This experience makes him progress through grades (there are 17 levels, from Private to Marshal). As he progresses, uniforms and weapons are unlocked as well as alternate paths giving access to new game scenes. If you successfully finish a mission, its difficulty level will be increased the the next time you start it again making the game harder and harder. The IC card can be used for 100 times then you'll have to transfer your data to a blank card (the machine does it as long as you provide it with the new card). It gives you access to the worldwide online ranking (the password you have to enter on the website is displayed at the end of each game). This card is supported by Ghost Squad (Asia and Europe) and Ghost Squad Version A (released in Asia only). Pay attention that once the card is used with Version A, you can't insert it in the original game any more. American version of the game doesn't include card readers which limits access to the base weapon, uniform and default path. Therefore a big part of the game content and value is cut off. This was corrected in 2007 with the release of Ghost Squad Evolution where the operator can unlock all paths, weapons and suits right from the start.

Half-Life 2 Survivor Ver2.0Half-Life 2 Survivor Ver2.0

* Half-Life 2 Survivor Ver2.0 - 2007 Taito (From: Nakano Tiger Plaza (CLOSED) - Tokyo jp)
This card grants you access to Taito NESYS (Net Entry SYStem). The following data are kept: your progress in one player mode (cleared stages), your character's characteristics (name, skin, level, equipment), unlocked and purchased objects, records, etc... It of course allows you to enter the online ranking but also to build or join a clan. If a clan is deleted from the game, all its members' cards become useless.

Initial D 4Initial D 4Initial D 4Initial D 4

* Initial D 4 - 2007 Sega (From: Funland (CLOSED) - London uk)
This is the international version of the card. At the beginning of your first game, you type in your name and select your gender (male or female). You name is then printed on the card with a drawing of a boy or a girl. Game areas, the number of time you cleared them and a unique key number are also visible on the card. Other kept data are your favourite car and times accomplished. These data are used for both machine and internet ranking if the cabinet is online. Warning: this card cannot be used with Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited.


* Joypolis - 2008 Sega (From: Joypolis - Tokyo jp)
Access card to the Tokyo Joypolis park. It allows you to play "attraction" versions of popular video games such as Burnout Running, The House of the Dead 4 Special, Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited, Let's Go Jungle! Special, OutRun2 Special Tours SDX, Power Sled and Sky Cruising. You charge the card at dedicated machines and each time you play, game price is substracted from the amount remaining on your card. It's possible to use it in its one day or annual passport formula. In this case, you play as much as you want for one day or one year depending on the chosen option. You gain 1 JoyPoint per 100 ¥ transferred to the card. These points can be exchanged for gifts.

Knights of Valour 3 HDKnights of Valour 3 HDKnights of Valour 3 HDKnights of Valour 3 HD

* Knights of Valour 3 HD - 2012 IGS (From: Excellent Arcade Shop - Hong Kong cn)
This IC card saves your character, the stages of the story you finished, your rank and score.

Mario Kart Arcade GPMario Kart Arcade GPMario Kart Arcade GPMario Kart Arcade GPMario Kart Arcade GPMario Kart Arcade GPMario Kart Arcade GPMario Kart Arcade GP

* Mario Kart Arcade GP - 2005 Namco (From: Namco Wonder Tower (CLOSED) - Kyoto jp)
This card works with Mario Kart Arcade GP and Mario Kart Arcade GP 2. An integrated printer erases and prints the latest data after every game: player name, number of coins, player type (single or versus), number of victories, number of acquired items, championship entry (50cc, 100cc or 150cc Class) and password for the "Time Attack" online ranking. The card is universal, the language of printed data depends on the machine's region (Japanese text for a Japanese machine, English text for a European or American machine).


* MJ4 - 2008 Sega (From: Sega Amusement Dept - Nara jp)

Sega EdySega Edy

* Sega Edy - 2008 Sega (From: Sega Gigo - Tokyo jp)

Tekken 5Tekken 5Tekken 5Tekken 5

* Tekken 5 - 2004 Namco (From: Funland (CLOSED) - London uk)

Tekken 6Tekken 6Tekken 6Tekken 6

* Tekken 6 - 2006 Namco (From: Taito Station - Tokyo jp)

Virtua Fighter 5Virtua Fighter 5

* Virtua Fighter 5 - 2006 Sega (From: Club Sega - Tokyo jp)

Virtua Striker 4Virtua Striker 4

* Virtua Striker 4 - 2004 Sega (From: Luna Neuve (CLOSED) - Louvain-la-Neuve be)

Virtua Tennis 3Virtua Tennis 3Virtua Tennis 3Virtua Tennis 3

* Virtua Tennis 3 - 2006 Sega (From: Funland (CLOSED) - London uk)

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3

* Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 - 2007 Namco (From: Funland (CLOSED) - London uk)

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4

* Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 - 2011 Bandai Namco (From: Neowing - Tokyo jp)
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 is the first game in the series to use the Bana Passport. This card is also supported by other Bandai Namco games. You can store up to 100 different cars on the card. In addition to the vehicles characteristics (colour, tuned parts, mileage, ...), many other information are saved such as story mode progress, best times, number of victories, character clothes and even your driver behaviour. This card can be used with both the game cabinet and the accompanying terminal. A card is offered with the original soundtrack CD of the game.

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