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House of Games (Center Parcs De Vossemeren - Lommel)
House of Games (Center Parcs De Vossemeren - Lommel)

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Center Parcs De Vossemeren
Elzen 145
3920 Lommel

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Tel: 011/54 82 00

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* Games
Aliens Extermination (Deluxe) 2P 2006 Global VR [PC] Link
Aqua Race Extreme 2P 2010 Simuline [PC] Link
Deadstorm Pirates (Deluxe) 2P 2010 Namco [System 357] Link
The Fast and the Furious Super Bikes (3P Link-up) 3P 2006 Raw Thrills [PC] Link
Let's Go Island - Lost on the Island of Tropics 2P 2010 Sega [RingWide] Link
Need for Speed Underground (2P Link-up) 2P 2006 Global VR [PC] Link
Race On! (Twin) 2P 1998 Namco [System Super 23] Link

Contributed by Fixo & Bart van Elderen.
Last update: 22/08/2017


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