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be Pump it Up @ Collector Fantasies 2007

Pump it Up @ Collector Fantasies 2007Be sure to pass by the gigantic Nekkerhal in Mechelen on saturday 20th and sunday 21st of january (between 9:30 and 18:00) to visit the ninth edition of Collector Fantasies. During this collectors fair, more than 120 exhibitors will showcase all sorts of collectibles (books, CDs, vinyls, posters, postcards, etc..), mainly things from the fifties to the seventies but especially jukeboxes and numerous pinballs! Talking about pinballs, you'll be able to witness the latest models and to enter the Belgian Pinball Championship that will take place there! Pinballs will be played the whole weekend and the grand final is scheduled for sunday in the afternoon. There will also be arcade games, particularly on the Star Wars booth hosted by real Stormtroopers and a Pump it Up for DDR (Dancing Stage) maniacs. So whatever your passion is, you'll find what you love there! Note the entry price is of 6 € only! Thanks to Nikki of for the info.

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uk ATEI 2007: Sega line-up

ATEI 2007: Sega line-upATEI 2007 is coming soon since this show takes place from 24 to 26 january 2006 at the Earls Court in London. So let's have a look at what Sega's cooking for this edition. Their stand will be two times bigger than last year (that's around 500m²) and this extra space will be necessary to contain all showcased titles, see for yourself: the deluxe version of Ford Racing Full Blown, Ghost Squad Evolution, the new competitive lightgun shooter Too Spicy Apache, Let's Go Jungle, Extreme Hunting 2 in both standard (Naomi cabinet) and deluxe 50" versions, Virtua Tennis 3 hosted in Naomi (4/3) and Lindbergh (16/9) Universal Cabinets. But the heavy artillery will be made of the famous OutRun2 SP SDX featuring 4 moving cars (8,25 meters long), The House of the Dead 4 Special attraction and After Burner Climax showcased in its 3 versions; static Standard, moving Deluxe and Super Deluxe (Simuline motion simulator) without forgetting the latest version of the big World Cup Champions Football named European Clubs 2005-2006. Trading card games will be here again with Mushiking, Dinosaurking and the european version of Love and Berry (aimed at girls who rather like fashion than insects or dinosaurs). As you see, it's good and heavy this year! We'll of course cover this event in our traditional report but you can already order your OutRun2SP SDX in 2 or 4 cars edition (that's 4 or 8 players) to your Sega distributor. But you must know there's a 5 months delay between order and delivery because the first production run is already totally sold out.

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be Welcome to the future!

Welcome to the future!We would like to wish you a good and happy new year! As each year around now, it's time for retrospective and to pass good resolutions. 2006 brought us excellent games such as The House of the Dead 4, Virtua Tennis 3 and Time Crisis 4. That year also saw the first Arcade Belgium tournament organisation and a strong growth of our "where to play" locations database that includes 74 different places now. So big thanks go to players who took part to the tournament and to the website contributors (namely Malkavian, MadDoctor, Meg', Pascal, Macklane and t3k1lla)!!! That was the retrospective part. Let's turn our eyes toward the future now: many new quality titles are announced for 2007 to the point that we can wonder if enough arcades will remain in activities to welcome all those novelties... Because even if we never stop discovering new places operating arcade games in Belgium, games are disappearing from many other places during the same time. We'll talk about this later but if you want to be able to play games like After Burner Climax, Chase H.Q. 2, Too Spicy or Thrill Drive 4, you know what to do! We hope that on operators' side, contests will become common, that they won't be affraid to invest in new games and above all we wish there will be a better cohesion of all sector's actors in order to achieve great things together. On our side, we promise you more, more news, more articles, a more dynamic website and hopefully... more events! Many new features are in the making and you won't be disappointed! Meanwhile, you can test our first new feature for 2007: the ChatBox. It's available to all people registered on our forum and allow you to chat live with other members connected simultaneously. We don't know what this year will be made of but we wish you only the best for 2007 and whatever happens, go out and play!

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uk Extreme Hunting 2 - Tournament Edition

Extreme Hunting 2 - Tournament EditionNews for your Naomi and Atomiswave cabinets, the Extreme Hunting 2 - Tournament Edition kit is available now for ordering from your Sega distributor. This hunting game offers you the opprtunity to hunt down deers, black bears, elks, mooses, wolves and even bisons. According to your performance, you'll unlock other game modes like hunting bats, squirrels, prairie dogs, gooses or bass fishing and target shooting. To succeed, you have access to several wepons including the rifle, the shotgun and bow & arrow, three extra weapons will be available as you progress. Multiplayer isn't forgotten since you can confront your mate in head-to-head matches or even try a 4 players tournament on the same machine (in this case each player plays alternatively). This game was released in the United States in june 2006 where it meets a wide success. Notice there exists an online tournament system based on the "ALL.Net" (Amusement Linkage Live Network) platform but for now, no one knows if this service will see the light of day in Europe. The full kit includes an Atomiswave motherboard, the game cartridge and 2 shotguns (with their controller PCB and necessary cables). These guns are 70 cm long and feature 2 small speakers mounted inside them reproducing gunshots sound.

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be Sega Rally 2 tournament

Sega Rally 2 tournamentIt's a pleasure for us to invite you on friday 03rd of november to a Sega Rally 2 tournament. This event will take place at Jeux Americains lunapark currently located on the Liège funfair, Parc d'Avroy (near the Liège-Guillemins station). People that will take part to the tournament could win one of these prizes : 1 Dirt bike, 1 DVD/DivX player, 1 DVD movie (to choose). You can already subscribe by sending an e-mail within your complete name, nickname, and e-mail address to or at the lunapark Jeux Americains. Subscription fee are 5 €. We hope to see many of you and wish you in advance a great tournament!

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uk OutRun 2 SP SDX

OutRun 2 SP SDXAfter OutRun2 and OutRun2 SP, a new version of Sega famous race game is coming soon! This time, improvements come from appearance and immersion: indeed, each player will take place in a different Ferrari carossery (F-50, Dino 246 GTS, ...) moving during the race, and will enjoy a 62" DLP 16/9 screen. That's not all, a camera will be placed on every car and will display the driver's head on a screen located on top of the cabinet... But the most surprising is the all new cooperative mode: there will be 2 wheels by car! This promises great team races. This new edition runs on Lindbergh and no more on Chihiro. Let's recall that the kit transforming an OutRun2 twin to OutRun2 SP is in promotion (a chance if you don't own one yet), don't hesitate to contact your Sega retailer for more informations and don't forger that the Triforce: Virtua Striker 4 Ver. 2006 kit is on sales.

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uk Pre-registering for Preview 2007

Pre-registering for Preview 2007Preview trade show is the place to discover next year's games. This time, we're promised to see a richer show than usual, with more exhibitors, more stands, more games, and so more business opportunities. Preview 2007 will take place at London West Novotel on wednesday 11th and thursday 12th october 2006. You can already register for an invitation to this unavoidable event. Amongst exhibitors are Namco and Sega who'll present their latest products. Rumors are talking about Soul Calibur III for the first one and Virtua Fighter 5 and After Burner Climax for the second... Wait & see!

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be Namusco open days 2006 report

Namusco open days 2006 reportNamusco's open days report is online in the articles section. Don't miss this opportunity to drop an eye on this open window on the latest tendancies. All games evoked in this report will be reviewed very soon. Meanwhile, don't hesitate to come talk about the news in our forum, you'll find latest arcade titles' screenshots and flyers there

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uk Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection: out now!

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection: out now!Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection kit is out in Europe! This new version of Namco's famous fighting game brings four new characters (including Lili, a young singer living in Monaco and Dragunov, a russian soldier). It also features 4 new stages (for a new total of 35!), reworked scenaries, new costumes and new blows. Here's a good way to successfully recycle cabinets still hosting less popular games.

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be Namusco 2006

Namusco 2006Belgian distributor Namusco will soon welcome all professionals for its annual open days. Those will take place on thursday 16th and friday 17th of february in their buildings in Brussels. The newest video games, pinballs, juke-boxes and other coin-operated machines will be showcased. It will be the occasion to discover them for those who couldn't go to London. But it will also and especially be the opportuneness to spot the future hits of year 2006 in a felted and cordial atmosphere.

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