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jp Mecha Kitty to hit Japan this summer!

Mecha Kitty to hit Japan this summer!Banpresto just unveiled the next update to its latest title. The name is Mobile Suit Gundam - Senjo no Kizuna "Kitty no Densetsu Edition". This is a special edition of Mobile Suit Gundam - Senjo no Kizuna featuring guest appearance of Hello Kitty! Kunio Okawara (mecha designer of the many Gundam series) himself imagined the "mecha-kitty". Available this summer in Japan as an online update, this version will add a bonus stage set in the world of Hello Kitty and special weapons such as the flower cannon... Players will have to meet certain criterias in order to unlock this extra content. A small Hello Kitty face will appear on title screen of cabinets where it is available. Exclusive Mecha Hello Kitty action figures will hit the stores at the same time. This is an April fool!

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uk Sega low-cost kits now available

Sega low-cost kits now availableWe spoke about it in our ATEI 2009 report, Sega low-cost kits are now available. The two titles are Sega Bass Fishing Challenge and Sega Clay Challenge that can be bought in full kit suiting all cabinets or in update kit for Atomiswave games like Extreme Hunting 1 and 2, Ranger Mission and Sport Shooting USA. Sega Bass Fishing Challenge has an interesting option: it is possible to add a printer in order to distribute a ticket with the player result which can be personalized by the operator. The ticket can be exchanged against a price. Ideal to encourage competition between trackball fishermen…

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uk ATEI 2009 report

ATEI 2009 reportAmusement Trade Exhibition International 65th edition closed one month ago. Despite a smaller exhibition surface, it was a very successful show thanks to the quality and number of new showcased products. Moreover, the show attracted more visitors than last year. For more details about the show and our buy recommandations, see our report.

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ie Death of Martin Dempsey

Death of Martin DempseyIt's with surprise and regret that we learn about the death of Martin Dempsey caused by an heart attack. He was 57. As an independent freelance journalist, he was involved in amusement industry since 1975. He created the Fair Play magazine in 1985 followed by Coin-Op News in 1992. Beside offering consultancy and editing monthly journal Coin-Op News Europe, he was also Secretary of the IGAA (Irish Gaming & Amusement Association) and organized Irish trade show AmEx. AmEx's 30th edition will take place from Monday 3th to Wednesday 4th of March at the Green Isle Hotel in Dublin. Despite Martin's unexpected departure, the event will occur as planned. Our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

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us 24 pinball coming this month

24 pinball coming this monthAfter CSI, another famous TV series gets its pinball: 24! Stern's latest pinball designed by Steve Ritchie (Terminator 3, Elvis, Spider-Man, ...) and programmed by Dwight Sullivan starts shipping this month. This table features among other gadgets: hidden terrorists, an explosive safe house, a full of balls suitcase and specially recorded voice samples by actress Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe in the series). "24" pinball can be ordered from your local Stern distributor. Other tables still in production at Stern are Batman, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Family Guy, Indiana Jones, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider-Man and Wheel of Fortune. The Simpsons Pinball Party will be the next re-released title. We remind pinball lovers about Glenn Pellis' Flipperen website where you can find all locations in Belgium with pinballs in operation.

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uk Electrocoin becomes Konami's new European master distributor

Electrocoin becomes Konami's new European master distributorSince the 20th of January 2009, English company Electrocoin becomes Konami's master distributor for Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa. First affected titles are GTI Club Supermini Festa!, Guitar Hero Arcade, Castlevania - The Arcade, Dance Dance Revolution X, Byon Byon and UBeat. Electrocoin replaces Avranches Automatic which was manufacturing and exclusively wholesaling Konami amusement products in Europe since 2003. Despite loosing its exclusivity, Avranches Automatic will continue to sell future games by Konami. Beside distribution, Electrocoin is also in charge of aftersale service through its Cardiff based subsidiary "Electrocoin Aftersales and Service". These companies contact details can be found in our distributors index.

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be Belgian Pinball Championship 2009 - The Expansion

Belgian Pinball Championship 2009 - The ExpansionBFK 2009 - The Expansion (Belgisch FlipperKampioenschap / Belgian Pinball Championship) will take place this weekend during the 11th edition of Collector Fantasies at the Nekkerhal in Mechelen. With more than 100 contestants, competition will be rough! Qualifications will occur on 7 pinballs at once with 3 balls per game. The best 16 qualified people will be allowed to take part to the quarterfinal gaining an extra chance to reach finals. Besides the main title, a women's final will be organized between the best four qualified female players. Qualifications will cover the whole weekend with the final being held on Sunday in the afternoon. Ticket price to Collector Fantasies is 6 €, doors open on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th from 9.30am to 6pm.

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uk Fast & Furious Drift kit available from Namco

Fast & Furious Drift kit available from NamcoLast week Bandai Namco Games became the exclusive distributor of The Fast & the Furious Drift conversion kits for Europe and the Middle East. This kit turns old racing games as Cruis'n USA, Cruis'n World, Cruis'n Exotica, California Speed or Off Road Challenge into Raw Thrills' latest car racer: The Fast and the Furious Drift. This universal conversion kit includes one Dell PC with F&F Drift installed (covered by a 1 year warranty), one security USB dongle, game CD-ROM and restore discs, a JAMMA harness suiting all cabinets, a fit-all marquee and the same decals as the original Drift. This very popular tuning themed game offers 19 varied courses and 12 official cars. The ability to customize and upgrade ones vehicle will please car lovers. Players can save their car to pick it up later in the state they left it. Beware this feature is only available on cabinets originally equipped with a keypad as this one is not included in the kit. Read the game page for more information. To order your The Fast & the Furious Drift kit, contact Bandai Namco Games sales department. Note that you need one kit per seat. Here's an excellent way to recycle an old racer!!!

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us H2Overdrive

H2OverdriveHere's a game you'll hear about! H2Overdrive, the spiritual sequel to 1999 arcade hit Hydro Thunder will be released in April through Raw Thrills! The story begins in Spring 2008 when Raw Thrills president Eugene Jarvis contacts former Midway Games developer Steve Ranck. Eugene convinces Steve to go back to arcade games development. Steve then creates Specular Interactive in April 2007 and hires most of the staff who worked on Hydro Thunder and Offroad Thunder games. One month later, a deal is signed with Raw Thrills who will manufacture and market Specular's first title which will be... H2Overdrive! It represents overpowered boats racing at its best. Courses will feature many power ups, jumps and secret shortcuts. Besides high resolution graphics (1360x768), the biggest new feature is the ability for the player to upgrade his vehicle and save his progress using the cabinet keypad. There are 40 evolution levels for each boat. Some levels unlock new features like the Superboost or the mid-air stunts ability. The deluxe cabinet features a 42" 16/9 LCD screen and up to eight machines can be linked for multiplay. This game will be first publicly shown at next week ATEI where the development team will welcome people critics. If H2Overdrive manages to bring back his ancestor's fun factor, it will be a 2009 smash hit!

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uk InterGame Expo

InterGame ExpoRather unnoticed but occurring only meters away from ATEI 2009 is the InterGame Expo. Remember; after the lack of trades occurring at ATEI 2008, several exhibitors protested against the high price of square meter. To address this problem, InterGame magazine decided to organize a second, smaller show. This one will be held on 27, 28 and 29th of January in the Enterprise Suite of Ibis Earls Court hotel (on Lillie Road). More than thirty exhibitors share a surface of 1260sqm including some well known names in the amusement industry as the famous pusher manufacturer Harry Levy, PMT Sales or Wessex Coin. Some companies like Nanotech Entertainment play on both sides by presenting their products to both shows. This show promises to be interesting! For more information, visit the expo website.

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