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jp Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs released

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs releasedNamco's Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Extreme hits Japan today. This game of fighting robots gather robots from the many Gundam licenced animes (from the first ones to the most recent such as Gundam Seed Destiny). The game runs on System 357 and several versions are available: the limited edition is out today with 1 server, 10 clients, 2 live screens and 200 IC cards. The DX edition will be released in October with 1 server, 4 clients, 1 live screen and 200 IC cards. Finally, the DS edition will be released in December with 1 server, 4 kits for clients, 1 live screen and 200 live cards. Music of Gundam Extreme Vs. promotion video is composed by Linkin Park.

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jp Tougeki '10 - Super Battle Opera

 Tougeki '10 - Super Battle OperaTougeki 2010 held this weekend at Makuhari Messe from Chiba (Tokyo). Here's the winners of the different tournaments. In category A, Street Fighter IV (3on3): Kindevu (Rufus) / Momochi (Akuma) / RF (Sagat); Tekken 6 - Bloodline Rebellion (3on3): sumairu X (Marduk) / nesuchan (Devil Jin) / tatatatatatatata-ku (Lars); BlazBlue - Continnum Shift (2on2): Tsujikawa (Taokaka) / Chou (Litchi); Arcana Heart 3 (2on2): Kasumi LOVE (Akane) / Tono (Konoha); The King of Fighters 2002 - Unlimited Match (1on1): OZ (Hinako, K ', Nameless); Virtua Fighter 5 R (3on3): serori (Kage) / morimoto reota^do (Vanessa) / hiraganadeaoki (Jacky). In category B, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (3on3): Shounen (Testament) / RF (Faust) / Ogawa (Eddie); Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future (3on3): Kuroda (Ken) / Nitto (Yun) / MOV (Chun-Li); Sengoku Basara X (1on1): Way-Kubin (Mori Motonari); Super Street Fighter II X - Grand Master Challenge (3on3): MAO (Claw) / Futachan (Ryu) / Ito (Dee Jay). In category C, The King of Fighters XIII (1on1): Oeppu (K' / Mature / Raiden); Melty Blood Actress Again - Current Code (2on2): GO1 (Akiha) / Ieda (Kohaku). All complete results on the forum.

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jp beatmania IIDX 18 - Resort Anthem

beatmania IIDX 18 - Resort Anthembeatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem is released today in Japan. The gameplay is always the same: the player has to scratch on turntables and press the buttons at the right time. However, Konami has added some new features to its series: 60 new songs for a total of 600 titles, special events and songs hidden, bigger speakers and a national ranking. Beginners are not forgotten as a new mode is dedicated to them: the Renewal Party Mode. beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem supports PASELI payment service.

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jp Taiko no Tatsujin 14

Taiko no Tatsujin 14Taiko no Tatsujin 14 is out today in Japan. It's already the 14th version of the drum game from Namco and its success is unwavering. The campaign accompanying this release is in full swing: since September 10th, the Japanese are lucky to have singing Don and Katsu figures in Happy Meals from McDonalds. New songs will be available: J-Pop (Ring a Ding Dong, music from NTT DoCoMo ads), animes songs (Pokémon, Gintama, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto), classic (Strauss), video game music (Idol M@ster, Ridge Racer) and Namco original songs.

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jp 48th Amusement Machine Show

48th Amusement Machine Show2010 edition of the Amusement Machine Show will take place at Makuhari Messe in Chiba from September 9 to 11. This exhibition is organized by the JAMMA (Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association) and JAPEA (Japan Amusement Park Equipment Association). The first two days are reserved for professionals and the last day is open to the public. The entrance fee for the public is 1000 Yen but all games are freeplay and visitors can win prizes. As always in Japanese shows, cosplayers are welcome. The surface is divided into five zones: Arcade Zone (arcade games, Puri-kura ,...), Family Zone (arcade games and kiddie rides for children), Prize Zone (prizes, machine parts), Related Zone (amusement related products) and Publication Zone (publications, magazines). Among the thirty exhibitors, main Japanese companies will present their latest products: Sega (Initial D Arcade Stage 6, Shining Force Cross Raid, World Club Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 09-10), Namco Bandai, Taito (BlazBlue Continuum Shift II), Banpresto,...

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cn GTI Asia China Expo 2010

GTI Asia China Expo 2010GTI Asia China Expo 2010 will be held at the Poly World Trade Expo Center in Guangzhou (China) from August 26 to 28. During this second edition of the show, businessmen from around the world will discover the newest Chinese games (UNIS, Golden Dragon, Liuzhou Lanhai Technology, IGS, ...) as well as export versions of some Japanese and Korean titles since companies like Bandai Namco and Andamiro will attend the show. Beside amusement games, many gaming machines will be also presented. One hundred exhibitors will participate to the show.

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be ArcadeInvaders online shop opening

ArcadeInvaders online shop openingA new arcade and pinball machines online shop opens its doors. Created by Macklane who is well known on arcade forums, ArcadeInvaders offers used machines, spare parts, games and motherboards (Chihiro, Naomi, MVS), as well as services such EPROM programming and photocopy of manuals. Unlike other Belgian websites of the same type, this one is multilingual (English, French and Dutch). Moreover, if an item you are looking for is not listed in their catalog, ArcadeInvaders team will be happy to help you find it.

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jp Akai Katana released

Akai Katana releasedThe latest shooter from Cave is released in Japan today. Long awaited by the public after very good location tests, Akai Katana is a horizontal shooter whose action takes place in a 2D environment with a military retro style. The player can choose from three ships flown by a crew of two pilots, each with different characteristics and attacks. The game has four buttons: A button to shoot, B Button to throw a bomb, C button for auto-fire and D button to change shape (the plane is transformed into one of the two drivers).

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us Keith Elwin wins the PAPA 13 World Pinball Championships

Keith Elwin wins the PAPA 13 World Pinball ChampionshipsPAPA 13 World Pinball Championships took place at PAPA World Headquarters in Scott Township, Pennsylvania (west of Pittsburgh) from Thursday to Sunday. During those 4 days, more than 400 players from all parts of the world competed on nearly 50 different titles. The final was played on Cheetah, The Addams Family and Creature from the Black Lagoon tables. Victory goes to Californian player Keith Elwin. He wins the championship for the third time in a row and gains the $10,000 prize. Other players who reached the finals are: Andrei Massenkoff (2nd), Bowen Kerins (3rd) and Cayle George (4th). Winners of other categories are: Joshua Henderson (B Division), Seth Lettofsky (C Division), Rick Prince (Seniors), Justin Ortscheid (Juniors), Dave Hegge (Classics I), Josh Sharpe (Classics II). Next edition will be held at the same place on August 11 to 14, 2011.

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jp Ongaku Paradise available in Japan

Ongaku Paradise available in JapanOngaku Paradise is released in Japan today. This game is a music quiz from Konami. Four players can compete in four rounds throughout Japan, the difficulty is chosen according to the level of competitors. A single player mode is also provided: the player evolves on a map featuring events and the goal is to conquer the entire map. Different types of quizzes are available: "Music" quiz (you must find the artist name or song title), "Knowledge" quiz (you must answer questions on anecdotes about the musical world), "Eureka" quiz (you must guess the title of a song from a picture), "Association" quiz (you must guess the title of a song from five clues releaved one after another). The characters are cute (rabbit, deer, bear, frog, ...), you can customize them (appearance, clothing) and they play in a colored environment. There is little chance to see this game here one day since the quiz is based on ancient and contemporary japanese music themes (J-pop, Enka, anime) including "Choo choo train" by Exile, "White Love" by Speed, "Can you celebrate?" by Namie Amuro, ... Ongaku Paradise is compatible with the e-Amusement Pass from Konami, the player can save his results and his character.

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