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uk EAG 2016 preview: Sega and ICE

EAG 2016 preview: Sega and ICEEAG International 2016 trade show is next week! This is Sega's turn to unveil the new products they will present on their stand: the main event will undoubtedly be Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade Edition. First seen at a location test in Tokyo last July, the game takes advantage of the popularity of the biggest sporting event of the year. This game features popular Nintendo and Sega characters including Sonic and Mario (obviously) but also Luigi, Peach, Wario, Tails and Knuckles. It will be possible to participate in nine different sport events including 100m, hammer throw, javelin throwing and archery. The cabinet is equipped with a 55" HD screen and the game is controlled via 2 joysticks with buttons on their ball and sensors. It is possible for four players to compete in these fun Olympics. Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade Edition will be released in February. Remember that 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega takes the opportunity to propose several other Sonic games; Sonic Dash Extreme, a video game with a redemption otption where Sonic must catch rings and Sonic Blast Ball, an improved lucky hit game. The Sonic Sports series of machines (air hockey and basketball) have been rebranded with new visual and new Sonic themed sound. Sega Amusements distributes ticket redemption machines by American manufacturer ICE in Europe, you will find their latest games on Sega's stand such as Angry Bird Arcade where the player throw balls at a screen using a cannon, Pink Panther Jewel Heist which offers 100 levels where the player must steal a jewel and escape to the next floor while avoiding Inspector Clouseau. There will also be the Ghostbusters electromechanical video game for 2 players where you have to catch ghosts to win tickets. The game features 8 sequences of the popular movie that will delight nostalgic minds while a new feature film will be released this year. The motion version of Wahlap's Storm Racer G will also be showcased. The enormous Sega booth will of course host the Sega Total Solutions division which offers spare parts and tickets and Sega Prize Europe with new plush toys and new prizes for cranes. Discover all of this and more on stand 550! EAG International 2016 will be held at ExCeL London on January 12th, 13th and 14th.

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us IREM T-shirt

IREM T-shirtWhile Video System T-shirts are on their way to buyers, it is already possible to order the model of January 2016. This new T-shirt is of gray gravel colour and proudly displays the IREM logo on the front. This is the version of the logo used in the '90s featuring a dragonfly. Founded in Hakusan, Japan in 1974 under the IPM Corp name (for International Playing Machine), this amusement machine rental company begins developing its own games in 1979, it then changes its name to IREM, an acronym of International Rental Electronics Machines. The meaning of the letters changes in the '80s to become Innovations in Recreational Electronic Media. Their first productions were copies of existing arcade hits but the quality of IREM games improved over time and among the sixty arcade games that came out between 1979 and 1994, many titles will be fondly remembered by players like Moon Patrol, Kung-Fu Master (Spartan X in Japan), R-Type, Hammerin' Harry, Undercover Cops, In the Hunt and Gun Force II. We also owe them the arcade versions of Bomber Man, Spelunker and Lode Runner. As usual with 1cc Shirts, this T-shirt is available for a short period of time only. You have until January 24 to place your order! The price is the same as usual: $25 including shipping within the USA and $33 for the rest of the world.

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jp Street Fighter II - The Definitive Soundtrack

Street Fighter II - The Definitive SoundtrackReminder: you can buy the full soundtrack of Street Fighter II at Brave Wave Productions. Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack is currently available for download ($21) and as a 3CDs edition ($25). It is indeed the ultimate version, as all music of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo are present. That means 115 tracks (tracklist). The musical themes of Street Fighter II were composed by Yoko Shimomura. For the following episodes, these themes have been adapted for the CPS-2 hardware and new themes were created by Isao Abe and Syun Nishigaki. The music was recorded directly from the CPS-1 and CPS-2 arcade systems and improved afterward. The booklet included in the box contains artworks, an interview with Yoko Shimomura, a foreword by the executive producer of the Street Fighter series Yoshinori Ono and an essay by video game journalist Matt Leone (Polygon, 1UP). This soundtrack will be also released as an analog edition of 4 vinyls on March 31, 2016. You can pre-order it now at a price of $75! CD and vinyl editions include a download code for the digital version. Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack is the first release of The Generation Series label, this label is intended to offer the definitive versions of the original soundtracks of legendary video games.

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uk Super Hang-On soundtrack on vinyl

Super Hang-On soundtrack on vinylAfter Streets of Rage, Shenmue and Shinobi III, it's the turn of Super Hang-On to have its soundtrack pressed on vinyl at Data Discs. The Sega motorbike racing game released in 1987 that allowed the player to travel the world at full speed marked the minds of many arcade game fans. The songs composed by Koichi Namiki, Katsuhiro Hayashi and Shigeru Ohwada were recorded from the original arcade board (from a Mini Ride On type machine) and have been restored and re-mastered. The vinyl contains 7 tracks: Opening, Outride a Crisis, Sprinter, Winning Run, Hard Road, Goal and Name Entry. Only regret, the disc does not include the music of the original Hang-On game composed by Hiroshi Miyauchi. As usual at Data Discs, the packaging benefited from an extra care with die-cut letters revealing the inner sleeve. Like Japanese productions, the sleeve has an obi looped around it. The disc is available in classic edition (black vinyl 180g) and limited edition (180g transparent vinyl with blue, white and red splatters). Each edition costs £19.99 (€27.30). You can buy it directly from Data Discs website.

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jp BeatStream Animtribe

BeatStream AnimtribeBeatStream Animetribe is out in Japan today. All the new songs come from anime series: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sōsei no Aquarion, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), Himouto! Umaruchan, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Psycho-Pass 2. A new "slide" feature allows an easier gameplay for beginners. There are also new visual effects when a note is played to better match the songs.

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uk Artcade book will be released in March 2016

Artcade book will be released in March 2016"Artcade - The Book of Classic Arcade Game Art" is a project launched on Kickstarter by Tim Nicholls in 2013. The aim was to publish a book containing marquee scans of classic arcade video games. After a successful fund raising campaign, the development encountered many problems with multiple changes of publisher and printer costing Tim a lot of money in the process and nearly caused the cancellation of the project. Add to that the death of his mother and you understand that it really was not easy. The good news is that the book will be released in March 2016! It will be published through Bitmap Books where Sam Dyer worked with Tim Nicholls to make the book a reality. Pre-orders are open at the price of £24.99 (€34.26) per copy with free delivery within the UK. The book contains 340 pages of high-resolution scans of marquees from games such as 1942, Joust, Bubble Bobble, Defender, Pac-Man, Hang-On,... Each marquee is printed in a large landscape format covering 2 pages. Artcade also includes interviews with artists Anghelo Python Vladimir (who died on April 9, 2014) and Larry Day (Stern, Gottlieb, Mylstar, Williams,...). Pre-order Artcade at

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jp School of Ragnarok Re:Boot

School of Ragnarok Re:BootA new version of School of Ragnarok is out today. This upgrade brings new features and graphics. Lulu and Nono are the two new player partners. They are twin sisters but have opposite behaviors. Lulu wears a black costume and Nono a white one. The training mode is now more simple. It is easier to learn all the moves ans skills. The player can enter the training mode during a fight with 1 credit: the enemy stops for 600 seconds and the player can practice moves and skills. The fight continues after. The new graphics are more detailed and change the player current character appearance. You can watch the trailer here.

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jp Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DXHere it is! Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX is out in Japan today! This new version of Namco's famous racing game offers 8 new cars (including Audi and Dodge models for the first time): Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro, Audi RS4 Avant, BMW M3 CSL, BMW M1, Dodge Viper SRT-10, Dodge Charger SRT8, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT and Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II. A new course has been added: the Hanshin Expressway No. 3-harbor road. It's a course of nearly 20km made of various roads running through the harbor city of Kob (time attack video). There are of course other new features such as new hoods, wings and new wheel models to customize your car as well as a new stamp system; when you battle the ghost of another player, theat player receives a stamp from you. If he choose to run against your ghost in return, you'll receive a "return" stamp. By collecting "return" stamps, you can unlock backgrounds for your garage. New tracks of Yuzo Koshiro are added to the soundtrack: Fascination, Let it Shine, The Race is On and Risky Guy (extracts). No release date for the international version of the game has been announced yet.

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uk EAG 2016 preview: UNIS and Instance Automatics

EAG 2016 preview: UNIS and Instance AutomaticsWe start our previews of the new machines that you will discover at EAG International 2016 trade show on January 12th with manufacturer Universal Space. Universal Space (also known as UNIS), will present five new machines including three video redemptions. First is Polar Igloo, a machine for 2 players using the Lucky Hit game formula where a ball rolls down a plank with pins to fall in boxes of different value. The originality is a big screen showing animated backdrops and funny animations. There is also Strike Pro Fishing, a fishing simulation for 2 players equipped with a realistic fishing rod mechanism. It's up to you to judge the size of the fish; pull too hard and the line breaks, let it too loose the fish will escape. In Speedy Feet, the player must stomp as quickly as possible on the blinking footprint (there are six of them) to send the dinosaur back to its corresponding geyser. There are 3 levels: lava, ice and rock. In the Rodeo Race redemption game, the player shoots a water stream at targets and a wheel to allow his bull to cross the finish line to win the tickets. There will also be an innovative kiddie ride called Super Big Rig. It teaches children how to drive a truck. The child controls the truck using the steering wheel while the parent can interact with the vehicle through voice commands via a microphone. The popular Pirate's Hook and Safari Ranger games will be presented in 4-player versions and as a brand new 1-player "prize" version. The popular Duo Drive unveiled last year will be once again be there as well as the funny Monkey Shake Down and the well known Panning for Gold where the players must fish for gold nuggets in a small river to win tickets. All these products will be presented on the stand of Instance Automatics (booth #830). On this stand, you will also discover Jurassic War, a bouncy ball video vending machine where the player must shoot balls at on-screen dinosaurs to stop their attacks.

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be God Save The 90's Namur Edition 2

God Save The 90's Namur Edition 2The madness of the 90s returns in Namur soon!!! It will not be held under a tent on the Esplanade of the Citadel as last year but at Namur Expo! Note the date, it will be on Friday February 12th, 2016. In addition to the best and the worst of the '90s music, many activities are planned for this second Namur edition of God Save The 90's: a bouncy castle, a giant candy dispenser, makeup and '90s hairstyles stand, body painting, fluo deco, a foam cannon, bubble machines, a balloon drop and of course freeplay arcade machines! Arcade Belgium will offer once again a selection of the best original arcade games of the '90s covering all genres. We will be happy to return to Namur Expo, the last time was in the month of September 2014 at the first edition of Retro Made In Asia. God Save The 90's means lots of fun and an happy mood. The atmosphere is unique and you have to attend it at least once. Those not knowing what this is about should check this video shot at the last Liège edition: Presales will begin on Monday, December 14th at noon (that's tomorrow). Attention, do not miss this appointment because all the previous editions were sold out! Here is the magic link to obtain your tickets:

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