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uk Nightmare figure pre-orders are open

Nightmare figure pre-orders are openNightmare is the first statue from Soulcalibur II to be released by First 4 Figures. Pre-oders are open today and the statue will be released in Q3 2017. Nightmare is the main antagonist of the Soul series. The Nightmare present in Soulcalibur II is Siegfried Schtauffen possessed by Soul Edge, the cursed sword. As usual, the statue exists in 2 versions: regular and exclusive. The regular edition of the statue is 22 inches (56 cm) tall and Nightmare stands with Soul Edge on a base, ready to take on all nearby souls. In the Exclusive edition, he stands on top of a flesh covered rock, LEDs are included in his eyes to give off a demonic look, truly bringing the entire piece to life. You can order the regular version here and the exclusive version here. You can also try to win a free statue by entering a contest on First 4 Figures Facebook page.

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jp Masaya Nakamura passes away

Masaya Nakamura passes awayWe learn about the death of Mr. Masaya Nakamura. Mr. Nakamura died on Sunday, January 22 at the age of 91. At the request of the deceased, the sad news remained secret until the end of the funeral, the wake being reserved to his relatives. Born on December 14, 1925 and graduated from the National University of Yokohama in 1948, he founded Nakamura Manufacturing Ltd in 1955 to build kiddie rides. The company is renamed NAMCO (NAkamura Manufacturing COmpany) in 1977 and releases its first arcade video game, Gee Bee in 1978. Over the years, many Namco titles would achieve considerable success in the arcade industry like Galaga, Galaxian, Pac-Man, Xevious, Dig Dug, Mappy, StarBlade, Time Crisis, Ridge Racer, Taiko no Tatsujin, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune,... Nowadays, Namco is still one of the four major arcade companies in Japan beside Sega, Square Enix/Taito and Konami. Lately, Mr. Masaya Nakamura was an honorary member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Senior Advisor of the Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association (JAMMA). A great gentleman in the video game industry left us. Thanks for all, Nakamura-sama!

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jp Square Enix announces Million Arthur Arcana Blood

Square Enix announces Million Arthur Arcana BloodSquare Enix announced a new 2d figthing game for the NESiCAxLive 2: Million Arthur Arcana Blood. It was announced at the Omatsuri-Sei Million Arthur event held at Maihama Amphitheater in Chiba. It was an event dedicated to the Million Arthur franchise. Million Arthur Arcana Blood is based on the card-based mobile game series Million Arthur. Some character are already confirmed: Arthur (voiced by Mamoru Miyano), Iai Arthur (voiced by Sumire Uesaka), Nitou Arthur (voiced by Arthur Lounsbery), Touzoku Arthur (voiced by Ayane Sakura) and Zex Siegfried (voiced by Yuki Kaji). The game features an assist system: the player can equip 3 Support Knight cards (each card requiring a certain amount of assist point to be used) to summon a Support Knight who help him during the battle. Million Arthur Arcana Blood will be playable on Taito's booth at JAEPO 2017. The game will be released this fall.

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jp Viper Phase1 vinyl soundtrack

Viper Phase1 vinyl soundtrackBootleg store (a Japanese company selling stuff related to video games) releases its first vinyl today: Viper Phase 1. LP. Viper Phase1 is a shmup from Seibu Kaihastu released in 1995 and a spin-off in the Raiden series set in space. An event to present the soundtrack will be held at the Takadanobaba Game Center Mikado on January 29. Visitor will enjoy a mini talk live with Go Sato (the game music composer) and will have an unique occasion to purchase a limited edition of the Viper Phase1 LP with Go Sato signature. This is a 12 inch LP and 18 songs are recorded, the last one is an unused music. It features a liner note with an interview of Go Sato and a review of the musics. If you want to buy the Viper Phase 1. LP, you can contact Bootleg store via their website or their Facebook page.

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jp Arc System Works announces Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

Arc System Works announces  Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2During the presentation of "ARC SYSTEM WORKS FIGHTING GAME AWARD 2016" held at Akihabara yesterday, Arc System Works announced a new Guilty Gear title: Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2. The game will feature new characters: Baiken and Answer. Baiken is a samurai whose fighting style is based on guard cancellation and Answer is a ninja-like character using shurikens. All existing character will benefit balance adjustment and new techniques. A location test will be held at Club Sega Akihabara Shinkan and High Tech Land Sega Nishinakajima (Osaka) from January 20 to 22. Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 release is scheduled for spring 2017. You can watch the trailer here.

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jp Koihime † Enbu v.2

Koihime † Enbu v.2Koihime † Enbu v.2 is out today. This new version of the 2D fighting game developed by BaseSon, Unknown Games and M2 features 2 new characters: Chōryō Bun'en (Zhang Liao) as a main character with deadly techniques and Kaku Bunwa as a strategist with an air invasion invincibility technique. Unlike previous versions of the game, all support characters can be selected regardless of his country. The training mode already available in the home verison of the game is now added. Players can select two new colours (with E and F buttons) for a total of 6 colours per character. "Castle Market" and "Oppose Castle" stages from the firs Koihime game are back. All the characters have been adjusted.

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jp Sound Voltex IV - Heavenly Haven

Sound Voltex IV - Heavenly HavenKonami released Sound Voltex IV - Heavenly Haven yesterday. Exit the dark colours from Gravity Wars, Heavenly Haven theme is Aqua White related to sky and water. The game features some changes regarding the diffculty and rank. The game difficulty scale is expended from 1-16 to 1-20 and there is a new MAXIMUM difficulty mode that is harder than EXHAUST. MAXIMUM mode is only available for Sound Voltex IV - Heavenly Haven new songs and must to be purchased. New clear ranks are introduced: A+, AA+, AAA+ and S. The song research is now easier thanks to the new category folders (contests songs, grade, clear mark,...). The latest new feature is the "Track Memorial" cards that can be printed for 100yen extra credit which include the results of a track the player have played.

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jp Sangokushi Taisen

Sangokushi TaisenSangokushi Taisen (Romance of the Three Kingdoms War) is out in Japan today. This new strategy card game replaces Sega's previous one released in 2005 that operation ended in 2015. The game principle is still the same: the player moves his card on the table and the action is reproduced on the screen. But for the first time, the cards are printed on both sides and each side has a different effect. There are different skills to level up. Card illustrations are made by famous mangaka and illustrators and voices are recorded by popular voice actors. The second new feature is the possibility to play online with players from other arcades! Sangokushi Taisen also features a new live screen.

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fr Pix'n Love #30

Pix'n Love #30Pix'n Love #30 was released a few days ago, a good idea to spend a good time reading it during the Christmas holidays! This issue includes a 10-page feature named "Altered Beast, chronic of a myth". This topic has been prepared with the exclusive collaboration of Altered Beast supervisor Makoto Uchida who shared memories and plunges the reader into the atmosphere of Sega studios in the end of the 1980s in order to describe the birth of this classic arcade game. Another title from Sega is also featured in this issue: Ribbit!, an action game with frogs released in 1991. About console games, there's a very good article about the making of The Legend of Zelda, which turns 30 this year, a making-of Super Mario Bros. 3 and an article about Terraforming, a shoot'em up released on the PC Engine in 1992. Pix'n Love also offers articles about computer games: Overdrive, released in 1993 on Amiga and Skate Ball, a futuristic sports game released in 1989 on different platforms. The hardware issue is devoted to the genesis of the Mega-CD, the CD device of the Mega Drive. On the personalities side, the reader can find a portrait of Thierry Perreau (Flashback, Cruise for a Corpse, Moto Racer,...) and an article about composer Manami Matsumae (Mega Man, Dynasty Wars, Final Fight,...). Pix'n Love #30 is available in 2 editions: standard and exclusive with a The Legend of Zelda special cover. The simple edition can be purchased on The book is in French language only.

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us Sunset Riders original soundtrack on vinyl

Sunset Riders original soundtrack on vinylSurprise release at iam8bit! Here comes the soundtrack of Sunset Riders composed by Motoaki Furukawa (A-jax, Super Contra, Gradius II, Xexex, Guitar Freaks, Drum Mania, ...). Why now? Because Konami's famous far west game was released 25 years ago (more precisely in September 1991)! The 24-track OST is published on a transparent 10" vinyl with a smoky effect. The cover artwork is made by artist Drew Wise in a pixeled style and bullet holes cut out in the sleeve. This record is now available for pre-order on iam8bit website. It costs $22.00, 1000 copies will be produced and will be shipped in the second quarter of 2017. You can listen to 4 tracks of this album on Soundcloud.

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