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BASEBALL COLLECTIONBASEBALL COLLECTION is a new card game that was presented by Konami at JAEPO in February. It is available in Japan today. The player uses real cards on a touch panel to manage his team. He can use various defensive and offensive instructions during the game. The teams in the game are real Japanese teams such as Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles and Hanshin Tigers.

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jp jubeat festo

jubeat festojubeat festo starts operation today. The game theme is festival with colorful graphics. jubeat festo is the 10th work in the serie and it also celebrates the jubeat serie 10th anniversary. Many new songs are added and there are new features. When the player clear a song, the "jubility value" increases and if it exceeds a certain value, the player can enjoy the "festive mood". Furthermore, until now, "HARD MODE" which could be selected only with "EXPERT OPTION" has become available for selection at any time from the usual "OPTION" screen.

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be All 4 Geek convention

All 4 Geek conventionAll 4 GEEK is a new convention that will be held at Adrien Herman Sports Complex in Esneux (Liège) this weekend. For two days, you'll be able to enjoy many stands and activities focused on several themes: video games, retrogaming, manga, japanisation, comics, series and movies. Arcade Belgium will be there with 10 original arcade games (as usual), these are: Sonic Wings 3, Altered Beast, The King of Fighters XIII Climax, TwinBee Yahhoo! Fushigi no Kuni de Dai Abare!!, Bomber Man, Virtua Tennis 2, Sega Tetris, Time Crisis II and Crazy Taxi. RYU GAMING organisera un tournoi Street Fighter II' and a VS gaming workshop. Many guests including famous voice actors (Eric Legrand and Céline Monsarrat, Brigitte Lecordier, Adeline Chetail), youtubers (Siphano, MagicKnup, Caljbeut) and cosplayers (Shunsuke Cosplay) will offer free signing sessions. A cosplay contest is also planned. The entrance fee is €10.00 at the door (€8.00 in presale), children under 10 years old attend for free. The doors open at 10:00 and close at 18:00.

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jp Bombergirl

BombergirlBombergirl will hit Japan tomorrow. Based on the famous Bomberman series, this new version stages cute girls in a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. Bombergirl follows the basic rules of Bomberman but new features are implemented. The goal is to destroy enemy base by cooperating with teammates. Two teams (blue and red) of 4 players fight each other. Each team has a base in a corner of the screen and must destroy the opponent's base within the time limit. When a team attacks an enemy gate or tower with a bomb, the enemy's "force gauge" decreases, and when this is set to 0, the "detonation button" in the center of the control panel glows. By pushing it, the team sends large damages to the enemy base. The team level increases by destroying some kind of blocks. According to the level, skills are unlocked. There are four types of characters: "bomber" who can place a lot of bombs, "blocker" who can create blocks, "shooter" who can do long range attacks and "attacker" who can move fast. Collaborations with other games are scheduled as Shiori Fujisaki from the dating game Tokimeki Memorial from Konami as a playable character.

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jp Blade Strangers

Blade StrangersAlmost one year after being announced Blade Strangers is released today! Blade Strangers is a 2D fighting game developed by Studio Saizensen, it is available on Sega's ALL?Net P-ras MULTI. In this game, players can choose between 14 characters including 12 from many different Japanese games: Solange, Master T Drakkhen, Ali and Liongate (Code of Princess), Curly Brace and Quote (Cave Story+), Umihara Kawase, Emiko and Noko Yokoyama (Umihara Kawase), Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight), Gunvolt (Azure Striker Gunvolt) and Isaac (The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth †). Helen and Lina are two original characters. There are 3 types of characters: short, medium and long range. A home version published by Nicalis for Switch, PS4 and PC is available since late 2017.

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jp Arika announces FIGHTING EX LAYER

Arika announces FIGHTING EX LAYERArika's fighting game available on PS4 in June will be released on FIGHTING EX LAYER is played in a 2.5D environment and battles take place in closed arenas. The gameplay retains many of the mechanics from the first FIGHTING EX out in 1998 and Street Fighter EX series, such as Super Cancels and running. You can watch the PS4 trailer here.

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us Rashlander

RashlanderRashlander is available now! Developed by Ryan Davis, the second game to grace the Airframe platform is a hectic mix of Lunar Lander and Asteroids... on steroids! In this game, the player is a researcher who has to pilot a tiny spaceship through space without crashing or running out of fuel. During his journey, he has to land on small platforms located on asteroids floating in a hostile environment full of dangers in order to refuel, gain bonuses and why not, discover new technologies. Of course, he must successfully avoid attraction fields, enemy ships and other obstacles to succeed so the the task is not easy by any mean. There are 5 levels to go through and many secrets to discover. Controls are limited to left and right rotations and a thrust button. Oldschool isn't it? But the rest of the game is modern in its presentation (in the neo-retro genre) with many video effects, explosions and a great electronic musical score by Fat Bard. Check the trailer to watch the game in action. As you guessed, it's a solo adventure but the developer already announced that the sequel will have 2-player support (Rashlander will be a trilogy). Location test reactions have been very positive which is encouraging! As a reminder, the Airframe system is designed for JAMMA cabinets equipped with a 15khz monitor. As for pricing options, there are plenty. If you already own the Airframe system, all you need is the Software kit which include the game on a USB flash drive, an A4 poster and an instruction strip, this one sells for $599.99. If you don't already have it (or want to keep your Skycurser machine running), you can also buy the Pro kit which includes an Airframe unit for $899.99. If you want to give a makeover to an existing US or Euro style cabinet, you'll need the deluxe conversion kit that includes all artwork needed including a marquee and big decals. This will cost you $1199.99. Finally, you can buy the full dedicated machine equipped with a 19" LCD monitor for $3499.99. You may place you order at Griffin Aerotech website.

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jp Fate/Grand Order Arcade

Fate/Grand Order ArcadeOne year after being announced by TYPE-MOON and Sega, Fate/Grand Order Arcade is finally out ! Fate/Grand Order Arcade is based on the smartphone title Fate/ Grand Order (iOS / Android and is developed by Delightworks and Sega Interactive. The game is described as a "Summoning team battle" game. Players summon 3D version of Servants from the mobile game by loading physical cards (Saint Graphs) illustrated by various artists. The cabinet distributes randomly physical holographic cards and there are 20 servants from 8 different class available at the game start. Saber, (Artoria Pendragon, Siegfried, Gaius Julius Caesar), Shielder (Mashu Kyrielight), Archer (EMIYA, Atalanta), Lancer (Elizabeth Bathory, Leonidas), Rider (Saint Martha, Medusa, Georgios), Caster (Cu Chulainn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), Assassin (Carmilla, Phantom of the Opera, Mata Hari) and Berserker (Vlad III, Heracles, Kiyohime, Caligula). Each servant has 2 evolutions changing its appearance. There are 2 main game modes : Grail Wars, an online 3vs3 mode here the players must defeat the opponent team by filling to MAX the « defeat gauge ». And Grand Order, a single player mode where the player access different stages, missions and quests. The game controls are simple, a joystick to move equipped with 2 buttons to target and dash, a button to attack and a button to launch the servant’s Noble Phantasm. Players get GP (the game money) when they win a battle. Those GP can be used to level up the servants, buy items,… The famous singer Maaya Sakamoto  performs the game theme song. A Commemoration Login Bonus campaign starts today and will end on August 2.

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jp Ongeki

OngekiOngeki, the new musical game from the team behind maimai and CHUNITHM will be out tomorrow. Ongeki features an original gameplay based on a lever and 3 buttons. Notes are coming from the top of the screen and the player must hit the corresponding button at the right moment. There are short and long notes. The game originality comes from the lever: it's used to move on the right and on the left the character on the bottom of the screen to avoid the enemies red bullets and to collect the yellow bells to get life. The player can use up to 3 characters at the same time but only the central character can get the bells. After each game, the player win points and according to the points, he can get virtual card of the characters. Thanks to the Card Maker, he can print real cards. A normal card costs 100 Yens, a shiny card costs 200 Yens and a holographic card costs 300 Yen. Those cards can be used in the game via a card slot to boost the characters in the game. There are 9 characters (only girls) available at the game start. The music selection already includes many titles from anime, POP, Variety, niconico and other genres. Ongeki opening movie is made by JC Staff. A collaboration with the Girls Band Party mobile game starts on the same day: 5 characters from Girls Band Party will be playable in Ongeki.

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jp StarHorse3 Season VII - Great Journey

StarHorse3 Season VII - Great JourneyStarHorse3 Season VII - Great Journey, the popular horse racing medal game from Sega, starts operation in Japan today. In this new version, a special JP Challenge "Million Stakes" race named "Amazon Race" is held in South America for the first time. The popular "rental horse owner" funcionality in StarHorse 2 is reintroduced in a renewed version with new rules and renumeration.

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