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us Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead is announced for 2020

Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead is announced for 2020A new light gun shooting game is announced for Q1 2020. As its title implies, Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead takes place in the Enter the Gungeon universe, the famous bullet hell dungeon crawler released 3 years ago on several home systems. This game is the product of a collaboration between arcade game manufacturer Griffin Aerotech, game publisher Devolver Digital and developer Dodge Roll. The goal is to explore several floors of a dungeon while eliminating all members of the Cult of the Gundead. Several unique weopons are announced as well as insane power ups and lots of hidden secrets to discover. The arcade machine is sporting a 43" LCD monitor and a full decoration. It's available as a pre-order for $4,999 (€4420) (a 6-month payment plan is available). Devolver Digital published a presentation video and screenshots are available on our forums. You can place your order at Griffin Aerotech's website.

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jp Taito announces Tetote x Connect

Taito announces Tetote x ConnectTaito will release an new rhythm game this Winter: Tetote x Connect. This game is a new style of rhythm game in which you dance with a life-size partner! There are 8 characters with various personalities, including men and women. They have various voices and reactions and they will be voiced by famous actors. The more you play, the more the bond between you and your partner grows and you can level up to get new clothes for your dance partner. Three character are already unveiled: the dreaming companion droid Dorothy (CV: Inase Mizuse), the hilarious dancing angel Fiel (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro) and the demon boy Ashihara (CV: Shimanobu Nobunaga). The gameplay is simple:the game features a vertical touchscreen and you must touch the circles that appear on the screen. There are motion sensors that detect your movements when you must perform dance moves at certain times. Tetote x Connect will be unveiled during the "Tetote x Connect unveiling ceremony & show party"! on June 20. 50 fans will be invited. The first location test will be held at the Taito Station Ikebukuro West Exit and the Nagoya Leisure Land Sasashima Store from June 21 to 23. The first guest will receive special gloves and NESiCA cards. You can see a gameplay movie here.

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be Political parties and the tax on arcade games

Political parties and the tax on arcade games Belgians will vote on May 26. As you probably know, the use of arcade machines is subject to a tax in the form of a sticker called "tax on automatic amusement devices". This tax is to be paid in addition to the VAT paid at the time of purchase of the machine and to the revenue tax on the income generated by the machine if it is equipped with a coin mechanism. At the time of eSports, Retro-gaming and smartphones, this tax is no longer necessary. Especially since the arcades of the time have become mini-casinos, the bars have replaced arcade machines with bingos and eSports bars are equipped with home consoles. Today, this tax hits only small operators and enthusiasts. This anachronistic tax has been abolished in France in 2015 and in Flanders this year. In Belgium, the Region of Brussels and Wallonia are the only remaining places where the tax is not only still applicable but is also increased each year. It has been a long time since we denounce the unfairness of this imposition which will ultimately lead to the total disappearance of arcade games in public spaces in the south of the country. We had already tried to change things without success during the last elections. This time, we are determined to seize the opportunity to abolish this tax. One week before the elections, we sent a letter to all the political parties that ran in the regional elections in Brussels and Wallonia to ask for their position on the issue and if they were for a removal of the tax on arcade video games, air-hockeys and pinball machines. Agir, Nation and B.U.B. were the first to answer us, Défi, the PS and Ecolo promised to come back to us. All answers will be published in full and in chronological order of their reception on this page: "The position of political parties on the abolition of the tax on arcade games". This is the opportunity to save arcade games, think about it! Your vote will have an impact on your passion. Of course, we will monitor the progress of this issue closely and other actions will be taken to ensure that these promises do not fall into oblivion. You can already read the first answers on this page.

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jp WCCF FOOTISTA 2019 2nd edition

WCCF FOOTISTA 2019 2nd editionAn upgrade of FOOTISTA is available today: WCCF FOOTISTA 2019 2nd edition. New players cards are added such as Sergio Ramos, Lorenzo Insigne, Gianluigi Buffon, Christiano Ronaldo,... The range of team creation is expanded. And the WCCF transfer card version is expanded: cards from WCCF 2015-2016 and WCCF 2016-2017 can now be transferred.

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jp Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

Blazblue Cross Tag BattleBlazblue Cross Tag Battle is out in Japan today. This is the first game that is available both on Taito's NesicaxLive2 and Sega's All.Net P-ras MULTIi Ver.3.0. This is an adaptation of the home version of Blazblue Cross Tag Battle released in 2018. Popular characters from the Blazbue series, Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH and RWBY (an American anime-style web series) are gathered together in tag battles. 4 new characters are available: Naoto Kurogane and Teddie from Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, Seth from UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH and Aino Heart from Arcana Heart.

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jp Quiz Magic Academy Xross Voyage

Quiz Magic Academy Xross VoyageQuiz Magic Academy Xross Voyage is out today. In the lastest title from Konami's Quiz Magic Academy series you can play a quiz match with another store online. In addition to the cooperative play mode already existing, four types of quiz forms are added: one-way quiz, cooperation question multiple answer quiz, cooperation line close quiz and cooperation group division quiz. Quiz Magic Academy Xross Voyage returns to the orgins of the Academy with the original world and BGM. Quiz Magic Academy Xross Voyage is compatible with the PC and smartphone version.

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jp ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.3

ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver.3Sega's ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Version 3 starts operation today. After about 7 years of exploitation, the old ALL.Net P-ras MULTI cabinets are replaced by a brand new one offering new features such as a touch screen compatible 32-inch FULL HD monitor, a store-to-store communication match function, a panel with 8 buttons, an USB game pad compatible port, an USB charging port and electronic money compatible Aime card reader. Two games are available for the moment: Puyo Puyo eSports Arcade and GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 APM3 Edition. Puyo Puyo eSports Arcade is playable up to 4 players. It's based on the home version and features a local tournament mode, online competition and 24 playable characters. Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 is the same version that on the P-ras MULTI Version 2 but now it's supports online battles between stores and is compatible with home-use controllers. The next game available will be Blazblue Cross Tag Battle on April 24.

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CHUNITHM AMAZON PLUSSega releases today the PLUS version of CHUNITHM AMAZON. This upgrade brings many collaborations with popular songs such as U.S.A. from DA PUMP, Sparkling Daydream from ZAQ and Super Lovely (Heavenly Remix) from EarBreaker

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jp Groove Coaster 4EX Infinity Highway

Groove Coaster 4EX Infinity HighwayGroove Coaster 4EX Infinity Highway is out in Japan today. Taito starts a collaboration with DJMAX RESPECT and two new navigators are available.

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jp DanceDanceRevolution A20

DanceDanceRevolution A20To celebrate the 20 years of DanceDanceRevolution, Konami has seen great by releasing an impressive new version of cabinet since it is entirely gilded! This new version is called DanceDanceRevolution A20 and features gold LEDs and a 55 "screen. The list of available titles is impressive and collaborations are planned. A first collaboration with the virtual singer KIZUNA AI already begins with the release of the game.

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