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jp StarHorse3 Season VI - Full Throttle

StarHorse3 Season VI - Full ThrottleSega starts the operation of Star Horse 3 Season VI FULL THROTTLE in Japan today. This is already the 6th episode of the popular horse racing medal game. As usual, Sega adds new functions to renew the players' interest. First, a new nationwide contest "I-PREMIER CUP" appears. In this cup, the strategy is very important and for the first time in the series, the player performance is rated. There is also a new race "WBC ICE" that takes place on the ice, a new "cash back" card allowing to get all the medals bet on a betting ticket and the Lucky Card Challenge is completely renewed.

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jp Nostalgia FORTE

Nostalgia FORTEKonami releases an update of Nostagia today: Nostalgia FORTE. This update adds new functions and songs. Beginners can now play a song with only the right or left hand. It's now possible to play with friends in the same store with the "In-store matching" function: players can make "ensemble combo" to get bonus or play together, one with the right hand and one with the left. And finally, players can test their skills with the new "Grade System". New songs of various genre are also available.

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VR ZONE SHINJUKUThe VR ZONE SHINJUKU facility opens its doors today! It's the second VR Zone facility that Bandai Namco opens after limited-time location opened in Odaiba in 2016. This new one is built on the former site of the Shinjuku Tokyu Milano Building (cinema and bowling complex). Visitors can enjoy 16 different games including 3 new licensed attractions. These are: Evangelion VR The Throne of Souls: 3 players can choose an EVA, take place in a pilot seat and fight together the 10th Angel attacking Tokyo-3. Dragon Ball VR: make Kamehameha as Dragon Ball characters. Up to 4 players can compete. The aim is to defeat the more players in a limited time. A defeated player revives after a certain period of time or by eating a "Senjo" that can be purchased at a shop on the 1st floor of the facility. Mario Kart Arcade GP VR: play Mario Kart in 360° and enjoy the race. Each item is hung by a balloon floating on the course, players only need to stretch their hand to catch it. 4 players can join the race. There are also 3 other new attractions: Fishing VR GIJIESTA: experience the realistic feeling of struggling with a wild fish. Players can use Pac-Man lures. 2 players can play together. Hanechari (Winged Bicycle): pedal with your legs and experience the thrill and exhilaration of free-flight through magnificent natural scenery on a winged bicycle. 4 players can play together. Dinosaur Survival Run Jungle of Despair: a plane has crash-landed in a forbidden jungle where dinosaurs are said to be still alive. You have been sent to make your way through the darkness and search for survivors while riding on a standing scooter. 4 players can join the adventure. A 7th attraction will be installed in August: Ghost in the Shell: Arise Stealth Hounds. Some of the Odaiba activities are still present: Gundam VR Daiba Assault (experience the impact of the life-sized mobile suit in battle), VR-AT Simulator Armored Trooper Votoms Battling Dudes (experience a real one-on-one battle), Steep Downhill Ski Simulator Ski Rodeo (ski down the sharp slopes of the vast snowy mountain), Extreme Courage Test Machine Fear of Heights: The Show (test your courage at 200 meters above the ground), Immersive Horror Room Hospital Escape Omega (escape from a cursed abandoned hospital) and Interactive Cinematic VR Attraction Argyle Shift (enter the cockpit of a giant robot with your android). And finally, 3 activities that do not use VR goggles are also present: Huge balloon explosion room Panic Cube, Virtual Resort Activity Trap Climbing and Virtual Resort Activity Niagara Drop. All activities are divided in 4 categories (depending on their style) represented by colors. Bandai Namco offers different fee solutions: a bundle of 1 admission + 4 color tickets for 4400Yen, 1 adult admission ticket for 800Yen, 1 children (under 13) admission ticket for 500Yen, VR activity day ticket for 1200 Yen. Various attraction can be reserved online.

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jp Lord of Vermilion IV

Lord of Vermilion IVSquare Enix celebrates the 9th anniversary of the Lord of Vermilion series with a release ceremony of Lord of Vermilion IV presented by Yoshihiro Matsuda (president) and Shigeyuki Hirata (producer). This ceremony is held at the Taito Station BIGBOX Takadanobaba Store today. Unlike previous titles, the game story isn't set in a fantasy world but in the near future in Japan. After being wrapped in a strange red mist in Tokyo, young people begin to unleash hidden powers. There is a total of 16 main characters divided in 3 factions: St. Verrious-Mardious Church, Spiritual protection of the state and Aval foundation for Science. All characters and visuals are designed by Taiki. The game producer is Shigeyuki Hirata who replaces Yuichi Tanzawa who worked on the previous game, the director is Yoshioi Asao (Game Studio Co.) and musical scores are composed by Taku Iwasaki. A "starter pack" and an "expanding deck pack" are available for the game release. The "starter pack" includes a LoV IV original NESiCA card, a player card and 7 demon cards. The demons feature a new "Psy" parameter showing mental power. Collaborations with Final Fantasy XV, SaGa: Scarlet Grace and NieR: Automata are already scheduled.

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jp The Snack World Jarasta

 The Snack World JarastaThe Snack World Jarasta is a new arcade game from Takara Tomy Arts that will be available in Japan tomorrow. The Snack World is a cross-media project featuring an anime, a manga, a 3DS game named The Snack World: Trejarers released by Level-5. This game for kids is an RPG with cards based on the TV anime. The player avatar uses 3 monster cards and teams-up with 4 other people to fight against the computer. He can also use capsule toys and candy toys to get in-game weapons and armors. The game features a AI communication system to talk with an in-game character helping the player.

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jp The King of Fighters XIV Arcade Ver.

The King of Fighters XIV Arcade Ver.The King of Fighters XIV Arcade Ver. is the first game out via Taito's NESiCAxLive2 arcade distribution system. This game from SNK was released on Playstation 4 during August 2016 and later on Steam. It was the first time that a The King of Fighters game features 3D models (as for The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact) but on a 2D plane. The arcade version is based on the home version but 4 additional character are available: Rock Howard, Whip, Vanessa and Ryuji Yamazaki. There is a total of 54 fighters. All costumes are also directly selectable. The King of Fighters XIV Arcade Ver. allows players to compete against other players of the same level from other game centers. They also can create and join guilds. When a member from the same guild starts playing, other members are informed. Furthermore, a mobile apps is available via the Apps Store and Google Play: it features players profile, battle records, rankings and guild browsing. You can watch The King of Fighters XIV Arcade Ver. opening here.

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jp Square Enix and Marvelous announce Fight! Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner

Square Enix and Marvelous announce Fight! Dragon Quest: Monster Battle ScannerSquare Enix and Marvelous announced that Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner sequel will be released on July 20. As in the previous game, the player fights with his favorite monsters and uses various weapons. Cards from Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner will be compatible with the new title. Fight! Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner will be playable for free at the AEON MALL MAKUHARI New City (Central Grand Mall 1F Hobby Coat) from June 24 to 25. If they participate to the stamp rally, players can receive various gifts such as original tote bags and stickers! You can watch Fight! Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner trailer here.

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maimai MURASAKI PLUSThe new version of maimai MURASAKI is available in Japan today. Sega has renewed the event course category with new features. The play count system is replaced by a new stamp card system. Players can collect stamps collection thanks to the number of time they play. They can receive various bonuses depending on the play result. The new "indiscriminate class" difficulty grade has been added: songs are selected randomly from all songs.

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jp Figureheads Ace

Figureheads AceSquare Enix releases Figureheads Ace in Japan Today. Figureheads Ace is based on the free-to-play mecha action shooter game Figureheads released in Japan in March 2016. In the arcade version, players are divided in 2 teams of 3 and compete in 3vs3 matches. They can customize their mecha named "2Foot" with parts they win during battles. They can also use "Figureheads" to add special skills to their 2Foot. Figureheads are materialized as girls. 4 girls are available: Kagura (Kagura)(voice: Honma Kaede design: Nidy-2D-), Miyabi (voice: Mari Takano, design: Nidy-2D-), Ibuki (voice: Tamura Mutsumi, design: Haleo Chiame) and Sumika (voice: Asumi Yoneyama, design: Masaharu Kikuchi). There are many ways to use the 2Foot thanks to the differents parts: universal type assault, sniper specialized, support, striker using a shield, heavy assault,... Players control their mecha with a mouse and a joystick. Collaborations with Xenogears, Front Mission and Ultraman are already announced. You can watch Figureheads Ace trailer here.

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jp Code of Joker EDGE Ver.2.1EX

Code of Joker EDGE Ver.2.1EX Sega starts the operation of Code of Joker EDGE Ver.2.1 EX today. This upgrade version adds 50 new cards designed by famous illustrators such as Hito, Shosuke, Niji, Hidemi Shirai and mamuru. There are also partial changes in AP (agent point) and JP (joker point) that can be acquired in the national battle: their value can increase or decrease. In addition, new joker gauge consumption "extra large" is added.

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