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Activ Game Dojo (Activ Vrijetijdscomplex - Tongeren)
Activ Game Dojo (Activ Vrijetijdscomplex - Tongeren)

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* Where
Activ Vrijetijdscomplex
Rutterweg 63
3700 Tongeren
Map Website

* Contact
e-mail: gamedojo@arcadia-amusements.com

* Games
Arm Champs II 1P 1992 Jaleco [68000] Link
Cyber Cycles (Twin) 2P sim 1995 Namco [System Super 22] Link
DanceDanceRevolution Extreme 2P sim 2002 Konami [System 573] Link
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Arcade 2P sim 2013 Koei Tecmo [RingEdge 2] Link
Evel Knievel 4P alt 1977 Bally [Pinball] Link
Fish Tales 4P alt 1992 Williams [Pinball] Link
Fruit Mania 1P 2013 UNIS
Galaga 2P alt 1981 Namco Link
Guitar Hero Arcade 2P sim 2009 Konami [PC] Link
H2Overdrive (3P Link-up) 3P sim 2009 Specular/Raw Thrills [PC] Link
Hot Shot 4P alt 1973 Gottlieb [Pinball] Link
Indianapolis 500 4P alt 1995 Bally [Pinball] Link
Jambo! Safari 1P 1999 Sega [Naomi] Link
Jurassic Park - The Lost World (Deluxe SD) 2P sim 1997 Sega [Model 3] Link
Jurassic Park - The Lost World 6P alt 1997 Sega [Pinball] Link
Kaboom Demolition Co. 1P 2010 Adrenaline
Let's Go Jungle! 2P sim 2007 Sega [Lindbergh] Link
Need for Speed Carbon (2P Link-up) 2P sim 2009 Global VR [PC] Link
Pac-Man 2P alt 1980 Namco Link
Revenge from Mars 4P alt 1999 Bally [Pinball] Link
The Shadow 4P alt 1994 Bally [Pinball] Link
Star Wars - The Mandalorian 4P alt 2021 Stern [Pinball] Link
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4P alt 2020 Stern [Pinball] Link
Terminator 2 - Judgement Day 2P sim 1991 Midway [Y Unit] Link
Terminator Salvation (Deluxe) 2P sim 2010 Raw Thrills [PC] Link
Tetris 2P sim 1989 Atari Link
Time Crisis II (Twin) 2P sim 1997 Namco [System 23] Link

Contributed by Arcadia Amusements. Photo by Arcadia Amusements.
Last update: 15/12/2022



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